Monday, March 2, 2009

Only a bride, soon to be a bridesmaid :)

My friend Krystle is getting married in July! Yea!!

Krystle's very Brief Bio: I have known Krystle for 9 years (wow that's a long time!!) We met sophomore year in Bio 1102 night lab. I wanted to transfer to a different time slot (my Chemistry professor held all exams at night, which conflicted with our lab class) but Krystle insisted I stay in lab with her, since she had the same conflict but wasn't able to transfer lab times. I stayed and we have been friends ever since. We also lived together during the summer of 2002. (Krystle is in the manicure/pedicure photos).

Krystle and Pierce got engaged in November 2007. I tried really hard to be patient and wait for details about their wedding (patience is something I should really work on!) but was so excited for them that by March 2008 I practically begged Krystle and Pierce to let me be a bridesmaid. They said yes (hopefully they hadn't felt peer pressured, though I applied a LOT of pressure) and I am super pumped!

I am having a blast watching them plan their big day. They certainly have some really great ideas that will be just adorable!! Anyhow, I started this whole thing, because I picked up my bridesmaid dress on Friday and it looks great!

Here's a pic: (Yup! I'm still sporting You don't know Jacques on my toes from the V-Day mani/pedi session)

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