Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weather>32ºF+WFH= Malin gets a walk

I have been blessed to work from home (WFH) one day a week for the last month. So this morning when I woke up and it was a balmy 34ºF and I didn't need to drive to the office, I decided to treat our dog with a walk. (My plan included a treat for me too, a stop at Caribou to pick up a latte.)

This was a first for me and Malin. I have never walked to a coffee shop and left the dog outside while I ordered. When my dog was younger, I thought he would be too crazy and try to jump on every passerby, but now he's 3; he should be able to do this. I have witnessed numerous other people do this with their dogs and I wanted to try it with mine. So off we went. When we got to the coffee shop I tried to figure out how I was going to hook him up and got nervous. My mind started racing with what could go wrong. Malin could easily weasel out of his collar, run off and be lost to us forever or he could jump on an innocent bystander, or get hit by a car parking in the lot, or get tangled in his leash.

I looked around for a place to secure him. There is a sign with three hooks, meant to hook up a dog, but I wasn't sure how to hook him. There was a cement post, but it was too close to the parking spots. There was a railing, but that was too far away from the door. As I was brainstorming how to hook him up, this sweet lady walked out of Caribou and commented on how pretty our dog is. Apparently her son lives in Manhattan and has a boxer and she had boxers growing up. She suggested I try the cement pole, but I hadn't given Malin enough slack on his leash to sit comfortably.

Just before giving up hope, I asked this incredibly kind woman if she would be willing to hold on to Malin while I ordered. She said yes. She was a bit nervous Malin would be too strong and pull or knock her down, but he was good. She told me to have him sit and stay, which I did (and he did). I went in, quickly placed my order and paid. Then I told the Caribou employees about my predicament, and they said they would bring me the latte once it was ready. Oh my gosh! These people were so helpful!!

So it worked and I was stressed and the dog was good. I got my latte, the dog got a walk and we finished it all before the workday started. Phew!!

I will have to try this a few more times, but next time I think Rich will have to come with me. Or I'll have to develop a solid plan before going on the walk. My dog is big and intimidating, even though he is a sweetheart, a licker and a tail-wagger. But now, he's just plain tuckered out.

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