Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Bargain

I love our wreath. It is full, festive, colorful and best of all inexpensive. I was planning to purchase a plain $9.99 wreath and then I found this gem. Costco: $14.99 & fully loaded, at least loaded enough for us. Go buy one for yourself. Instant festivity.

{Edited 1/11/10 to add: We put away all of our Christmas decorations on 1/6, except for this wreath. It is still as lovely as the first day we brought it home. If it keeps looking this good, it might still be up in July!}

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decorations are up

The decorations have been up since last Wednesday. Yes, the day before Thanksgiving. And I love them; can't believe we went this long without decorating. I definitely have missed this.

Christmas gifts: I have a few purchased and am working on a few handmade gifts as well. It's already crunch-time; Rich's family is celebrating Christmas early, so I have an abbreviated timeline. Better get crafting.*
*speaking of crafts, I made one in November. But because I will be gifting crafts this year I am going to hold off before publishing to maintain the element of surprise for the recipient