Sunday, February 8, 2009

Amazingly Productive Weekend

This was an extremely productive weekend.

Here is our list of accomplishments:
  1. Prepare treats, snacks and drinks for #2
  2. Host 1154 Lill purse party
  3. Buy new bedding for loft & spare bedrooms
  4. Paint upstairs loft bedroom
  5. Paint closets in loft bedroom (3)
  6. Paint spare bedroom
  7. Paint side table for spare bedroom
  8. Go through sweaters - sort donation vs. storage
  9. Sort wedding gifts in loft - store and repack into closet
  10. Arrange furniture in loft w/ new bedding
  11. Arrange furniture in spare bedroom w/ new bedding
  12. Reorganize extra items in the gym
  13. Touch up bathroom

This list would not be complete without the help of my husband and mother. Before the purse party, Rich went out and bought the paint and supplies we would need for the weekend. Then during the party, Rich diligently taped and prepped the loft for painting.

Saturday morning my mom came over at 11a, after stopping at Herberger's to pick up requested Euroshams. Together we painted the loft, while Rich taped the spare bedroom. Once my mom and I finished painting upstairs, we headed downstairs to apply primer to the spare bedroom. The three of us divided and conquered - my mom rolled primer on the walls, Rich rolled ceiling paint on the ceiling and I painted the edging first with primer and then with ceiling paint. We were done for the day, to allow the primer to cure.

This morning my mom came over at 8a. Funny... the coffee seemed to taste better today. My mom and Rich painted the spare bedroom. I painted two of the closets in the loft and a side table for the spare bedroom. When my mom finished rolling paint, she helped me sort through some sweaters and then rearranged the loft furniture and put on the new bedding. We then did the same in the spare bedroom. She left at 1:35p to enjoy the few remaining hours of her weekend.

Rich and I spent the rest of the day finishing things up. He touched up the bathroom walls, from a previous project, while I worked upstairs sorting and reorganizing some of our wedding gifts. I used Space Saver bags -- which, by the way, are awesome! I packed up three Space Saver bags filled with extra sweaters I am not donating, two comforters, a throw and set of sheets, and three sets of towels. After I wash our old comforters, I plan on using another bag to pack those up.

All in all - we accomplished a lot during this weekend. I am so grateful that my mom and husband were willing to devote their weekend to these projects. Rich kind of had to - but my Mom gave up a lot to help us - and we really, really appreciate it. If she hadn't come over to help, I can't guarantee we would have finished the loft, let alone everything else!

The sad part is I forgot to take before and after photos; I'll have to see what I can scrounge up...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, my photo made the blog! Wahooooo...
It looks great, Babe! I am glad that it worked out so well for you guys! Mom

Anonymous said...

How about Keeker's Korner? I don't know how you want to spell it but I like it.

Anonymous said...

Great to see your Mom on here! And I loved the idea for roasted veggies in an earlier post. As soon as Gary can eat again, we'll definitely have to try that. The Valentine cookies & the cupcakes are making me feel like splurging on a few calories -- hooray! :-) Janet Hill (about to eat a cupcake with pink frosting, and feeling no guilt...)