Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Craft # 3 - Envelopes (and cards)

This month I was inspired to make my own envelopes complete with liners and because I needed to put something into the envelopes, I ended up making cards too. Why envelopes? I have no idea, but I was motivated so I made them.

I started by buying some fancy paper and chose different colors and patterns for the envelope vs. liner, both with standard weight paper. Using an envelope that I had dismantled, I traced the shape onto my desired envelope paper and cut it out. Then I folded the paper to envelope form.
Next I created my liner template. To be honest, this was kind of a crapshoot. I made my liner slightly smaller than the flap, traced it on the liner paper, cut it out, inserted it into the envelope and folded the envelope flap over the liner. Then I applied glue to the liner only where it touched the envelope flap and pressed to adhere. I also sealed the bottom flaps of the envelope. (For glue, I used a traditional glue stick.)
The cards? Well… those started out a bit rockier. I went into this with a plan to make the envelopes, but the cards came as an after thought. The first envelope I made was for my friend Krystle. I knew I wanted to make them in her wedding colors, black & white damask and fushia. I had a plan for her card, but after I made the envelope, I took a break from her project and moved on to my sister in law. Her birthday is also in March and her card needed to get in the mail - so I finished her envelope and made the card on the spot. Judge for yourself, but I know it's ugly.
After the ugly card, I knew I needed to invest more time to make this project. And since I was working on these on a week night, I waited until the weekend to do the rest. By the time Saturday rolled around I had given my card dilemma more thought and had something in mind for the others. Since I had left off with Krystle's card, I finished that one first.
The creative process for the rest of the envelopes, liners and cards went very smoothly.

In all I made 7 envelope/liner/card combos. I mailed 3, hand delivered 3 and hid one. (The one not in the photo is my sister-in-law's card. As I mentioned, that one had to get in the mail!)

My favorite "delivery" was the card for my husband. He is out of town again this week. Being the sneaky wife I am, I hid the card in his packed pajama shorts for him to find when he got to his hotel. From the sounds of the text he sent after the card's discovery, it made him happy which, in turn, made my night.
I already have a craft in mind for April... so look for that soon!!

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Way cute! I love hand made cards...I love cards in general and buy/give a ton. Not crafty enough to make my own. One day, maybe!