Saturday, March 14, 2009

I ♥ our steamer

There are not a ton of things Rich and I have disagreed on during our relationship, however gift registry was one of them. Basically it boiled down to one thing: Rich wanted things that I didn't, and I told him. (He may not have wanted some of the things I wanted, but he still remains tight lipped about that).

One of the things Rich wanted was a commercial steamer. We rarely iron, so I couldn't see a reason we needed a steamer. I have since been convinced otherwise.

Back in November my mom and I took a day off work and redecorated our kitchen. We painted the walls a shade of green and bought all new window treatments. At the time, my mom not only tried ironing the curtains to remove the creases, but she also tried dampening then ironing them to no avail. They still remained very much wrinkled. It wasn't until this weekend that I decided to break out our steamer and give that a whirl.

Why I waited this long is beyond me, but it worked!! Our kitchen drapery is now wrinkle free!!

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing. I am sold on this and now I think I need a steamer too! Mom