Monday, March 23, 2009

Must Haves

At book club on Sunday one of the girls introduced to me a product she carries in her purse. After she so nicely let me try it out, it was decided. I needed it. Had it not been 8p on a Sunday, I would have gone to the mall right then and there and bought one. Instead I had to wait all day Monday until after work before I could go buy one of my very own. The must-have? Brush on cuticle oil in a tube from Sephora. (It comes with a cap, but I took it off for the photo.)
After I sampled it on my own fingers my eyes were opened. This was exactly what my hands needed!! I wish I was kidding, but apparently my cuticles were in dire need of attention and cuticle oil was the cure. Plus, maybe now I should paint my own nails and use this oil to keep my hands looking fresh. (Apply cuticle oil. Your hands will thank you!) HUGE benefit of this vs. cuticle cream: no messy fingers.

Soon after the same girl pulled out and applied Stila lip glaze. Now this I have had before and LOVED! The visual reminder made me realize I should have this too! And so this was my second must-have.

And by the way, you should know that I went to two Sephora locations because the first place I went to didn't carry the cuticle oil. Clearly I could not possibly live another moment without these precious items by my side and in my purse!

Oh yeah, and Rich is out of town this week.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if I don't need the cuticle stuff cause I think I do. Mom

wasabi-tobiko said...

I think you do too! I just put it on again today. I love it!