Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Egg Hunt

This post is 100% dedicated to my brother.

Eric -
I was at Target yesterday and came across these Egg Hunt kits. Can you believe they make (and sell) these? The one on the left comes with chalk. Apparently you can write on the green and black eggs. But the one on the right has a glow-in-the-dark stripe and comes with two LED flashlights.

Remember how much fun we used to have hiding plastic eggs in the weeks leading up to Easter? We found some mad-crazy spots throughout the house and were true egg-finding experts! Think how cool it would have been to hunt for eggs in the dark! That would have been an added challenge.

I always thought it was funny that we would work so hard and hone our skills and then Easter would come and Mom the Easter Bunny would put the eggs in front of a picture frame or on top of the table. The eggs were fully exposed to plain view. I guess she it didn't want to risk us not finding them...

Anyhow, I thought of you when I saw these and hope you think they are as neat as I did!
Your big sis


Anonymous said...

What the heck...I didn't hide the eggs! The Easter Bunny did it! Mom

Anonymous said...

I completely forgot that we used to practice finding eggs! That's really funny. Yeah, that would have been fun. We would almost need to invest in night vision goggles then.

Anonymous said...

Now that's more like it! Mom