Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Project Warm Hearts

At work, I belong to an organization called Project Warm Hearts. Project Warm Hearts coordinates donations and brings together knitters who create hats, mittens, scarves, afghans and other hand-knit items to benefit selected non-profit organizations in the community. In addition, my company matches the value of each donated item and makes a financial contribution to the non-profit organizations who receive the knitted items.

While I haven't done a lot of knitting of late, I did go through my knitting stuff and found a few completed projects I don't really need to hold on to and aren't getting used. So, I brought them in to work and donated them.

Side note: I read an article last week about decluttering. The first step was to "Tear Down the Museum". The author mentioned how she took photographs of her cluttering items, made a scrapbook of her stuff and then got rid of the actual items. This is what I feel I did with my knitted items. While I love them because I made them, other people will find a good use for these (I hope) and I can always look at their photos to remember them by.

Here is another donation update:
2/28- 12 bags/boxes (Extra kitchen items, vases, two comforters, shoes, knick knack stuff)
3/1 - 3 bags (R's clothing)
3/4 - Project Warm Hearts: 1 scarf, 1 pair of leg-warmers, 1 pair of mittens
Previous donations are referenced in Spring Cleaning post.

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