Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For years we have had black cubes suspended on a wall in our living room with brightly colored votive holders resting on each cube. We have yet to light those candles and it was recently suggested that we use the votive holders as little vases and set flowers in there instead.

So while at Bachman's I also bought daisies (okay - they are spray mums, but they look like daisies) for our votive holders. I put them together when I got home and I think it is cute. I'm not sure I need to have flowers all of the time, because that would be EXPENSIVE, but it is a fun change.

Here's how they look on the wall, in relation to our furniture.
Unfortunately I took these pictures at 6:00a, so they are a bit dark... but you get the general idea.

I had some extra flowers, so I put some in the bathroom too. (We have shadow boxes hanging on the bathroom wall). The bathroom version looks SUPER cute. The white fits perfectly with our color scheme and appears to stick out a little better, though that may be in part to the lighting. The daisy in the last cube is actually a barrette from a friend's bachelorette party; we had went to see Daisy Head Maisy.

On a side note, I am itching for spring and have seriously considered buying some pansies because they are weather hardy. I realize that they are not that weather hardy, but if I could find them outside of seed form, I might have bought them by now...

Donation update:
3/8- 3 bags (N's clothing - from dresser this time)


Anonymous said...

You little Martha Stewart you! I love the idea of spreading the flowers around the house. :-) Janet H

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I agree, you are totally putting me to shame! I'm lucky if I can get the walls painted let alone decorated!