Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Remember the Purse Party I mentioned breifly in the Amazingly Productive Weekend post? Well, the purses (and accessories) are in!! They arrived a few minutes ago via FedEx. I've already sent an email to the rightful owners so they can come claim their goodies!!

I haven't even unwrapped mine yet. I think that will need to be my reward. (I should be assembling a presentation for tomorrow, but have been in and out of meetings today and haven't finished it yet.)

Anyhow, if you don't know about 1154 Lill, you should check it out. They have *super* cute purses. While, I'm not a huge purse-person, I love these. I always tend to struggle when it comes to purses and don't really like what I buy longterm. For these purses, however, you pick the design that fitsw your style and then get to pick from a wide-array of beautiful fabric choices. Fun!

I should get back to that presentation, but for now here's a visual...

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