Thursday, April 9, 2009

Care Package II

One of the cards/envelopes I made in March was for my brother's girlfriend in Poland. She'll be coming to visit soon, so I made her envelope using a map of MN and indicated where our parent's house was versus our home to help her get the lay of the land.

Since I had to go the post-office to mail her card, I figured I might as well send her a care package, too. (After all, the first time I sent care packages was in February. And it would be fun!)

I stopped at a local drugstore to buy some goodies and then wrote her an explanation as to what I had picked for her and why:

  • Boyer Marshmallow Cups - The brand name is just two letters different than my maiden name
  • Pearson's Maple Bun - It's made in Minnesota!! My mom's favorite is the Nut Roll, but they weren't selling it at the store where I stopped.
  • Charleston Chew & Boston Baked Beans - These I bought because they are both cities in the US (Charleston, SC and Boston, MA)
  • Pop Rocks - Just because they are fun
  • Jumbo Banana Split Lip Balm - Also fun, but I figured one should be a non-food (even if it was food-inspired) surprise

I had my bro let me know as soon as she received it so I could post this blog entry. I hope she liked it!!

[Coincidentally, Dominika had sent us a care package of her own to my parent's house. In our package we had a card, an Easter Palm, Sugar Lamb and intricately painted wooden egg. So cute and fun *and* considerate!!]


Dominika Kryjak said...

So sweet of you that you put those stuff in your blog!

Dominika Kryjak said...

And... she did like the treats from you! Thanks again!!!