Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

**These next few posts are back-posts. While I had a lot to type about last week, I didn't have the time.**

Finally it is beautiful here - warm, sunny and things are greening up!! I took a half day from work today to work in our yard.

We raked all of the remaining leaves from the yard and those that blanketed the berm and landscaping we put in last year. We applied new mulch and put down grass seed & fertilizer throughout the backyard (that's all of the bright green stuff on the lawn).

And of course - planted pansies and violets.

I also managed to find a need for an additional assortment of plants for my favorite blue pot.

This is our first year with a perennial garden and landscaping to care for. I'm excited to see what comes up!!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the planters, Nik! I truly truly love that patio and what you have done with the yard. You made me proud! mom

Nicole said...

Thank you! Eat up that patio while it lasts.