Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in WI

We had a terrific Easter weekend with Rich's family. They live ~2 hours away, so we pack up the dog and make a vacation of our visits. We left the house around 10a and made it there by 11:58a. AMAZING timing!! The wind must have been behind us.

Once we arrived we settled in, played with Malin for a while and then headed inside for Barbecue (aka Sloppy Joes) sandwiches my mother-in-law had prepared for us. They were super yummy! I have her recipe and will make and post-it sometime...

After lunch my father-in-law suggested Rich and I take a ride on the 4-wheelers. I rode with Rich and we took in some scenery. It was a LOT of fun. After we got back I wanted a turn driving. So Rich got behind me and we went for a quick slow spin in the field. (I'm not a very fast driver on that thing... )

{Me and Rich: Happy in WI}
Sunday we went for a tasty brunch with the whole family. All of Rich's siblings and spouses were there along with a majority of the nieces and nephews. After brunch we went back to the farm and headed to the river. We all sat along the bank enjoyed the beautiful spring weather, chatted and caught some sun. After a while we were hungry so we headed back to the farm for dinner and people starting having to take off.

{Rich's siblings & dad}
Malin loves being at the farm! There is so much open area for him -- though for the most part he stays pretty close to us. Throughout the weekend we played with his "Chuck-it" and new Frisbee. He's certainly showing improvement at giving the toys back so we can throw them for him.

Before we packed up I asked to take one more spin on the 4-wheeler. (What can I say?! It was pretty fun!) The bonus this time was we decided to tucker Malin out, so while I drove he chased me. [Uh - our dog is really fast] I drove as fast as I dared and he was right behind me. I had a blast - and from the looks of it - Malin did too.

{Malin chasing me on the 4-wheeler}

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Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time in WI. Everyone looks well. How fun...Mom