Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Loose Tea Time

My brother has been a tea enthusiast since the semester he spent in England. He recently found a great deal on tea mugs with an infuser. He, being the thoughtful brother he is, picked up two more than he needed so that Rich and I could each have one too.

Now that we have these awesome cups that accommodate loose tea, we needed loose tea. Of course I could have just bought a tin of loose tea, but I didn't want to commit to one flavor. Bulk tea was the solution.

I mentioned my search to mom and aunt and they recommended Teavana. What a great suggestion!!

I walked into Teavana and quickly tried all of the four tea samples they had out. Then I headed to the counter. They have these huge tins of tea in all sorts of varieties, types, caffeine levels and flavors. You pick one that sounds interesting and the employee takes off the lid and fans the aroma your way. I probably had the poor woman take out 10+ varietals - each one smelled terrific!!

I ended up finding three different teas to buy. The first one is Blueberry Bliss. This is a caffeine-free tea and made with dried blueberries. It smells fruity and is super light and tasty.
The second type I bought is Zingiber Ginger Coconut tea another caffeine-free tea. This one for sure smells like coconuts and the tropics, but the taste is much spicier. I read the description and apparently this has black pepper... so that explains the spice.

The final version I purchased was Almond Biscotti Black tea, 20% caffeine. This smells like a baked good, so the name is very fitting. It tastes like one too! What a nice start to the day!!

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