Thursday, April 2, 2009

When you find something you like...

For Christmas my mom bought me the camisole above, but in blue from Banana Republic. I just love it!! I like to wear tank tops or camisoles under shirts and sweaters year-round and have casually mentioned on numerous occasions how much I love this particular design.

So, last weekend on a visit to Albertville Outlet Mall she bought me another one. This time in coral. I was so pumped! Then I learned there was an aqua one and was bummed I didn't have that one too.

Naturally I hopped in my car after work on Wednesday and drove there myself (to put distance in perspective, Albertville is 33 miles from my work and another 40 miles from my house). Thankfully my travels were not without reward. They had just received a new shipment in a range of colors: orange, purple, royal blue, brown, cream and black [cream and black were only available in XS]. I bought one of each color (minus cream and black) and even tracked down the aqua version. When you find something you like, buy one in each color. Hopefully I'll be set for a while. Though having a cream and/or black version would be nice...

*BTW - they are giving terrific discounts right now!! Each camisole was 40% off the marked price. The aqua was already clearance, but still was an additional 30% off. I also bought a sweater (30% off), pants (50% off) and a necklace (30% off) and because I am a loyal card-holder I received an additional 25% off my entire purchase. My amount saved was $40 more than what I spent! Amazing!!

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