Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kettlebell Class V

Our fourth class was a lot of circuit work, so I didn't write it down. I did, however, jot down what we did today. It's a little hard to believe this took a full hour, it doesn't seem like there's much there... but it did!!

- Around the body
- Figure 8
- Slow Arm Curls; 1 minute
- Arm Curls (gradually increase speed); 1 minute
- Darcy (switch hands mid-swing); 1 minute [repeat x1]
- Snatch (R); 10 reps
- Snatch (L); 10 reps
- Snatch (R); 15 reps
- Snatch (L); 15 reps
- Turkish Get up (2 sets) [This is a pretty complex sequence of moves and took quite a while to teach]
Circuit Work:

- Squats: 7 [Repeat x2]
- Squats: 6 [Repeat x2]
- Squats: 5 [Repeat x2]
- Kettlebell Pommel Horse (not the official name): w/ two bells on floor, get in plank position, swing legs through bells, lift each leg individually and then lift both legs simultaneously (similar to pommel horse)

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