Friday, May 1, 2009

Craft # 5 - Ice Cream

I have two really great craft ideas in queue, but due to recent developments with our house I don't think they will get done in the month of May. So I'm going with Plan B: homemade ice cream.

Before we were married Rich thought we needed an ice cream maker; I thought he was crazy. My parent's had an ice cream maker, but never used it (and I think eventually donated it). So if I grew up not using one, I certainly didn't need one now. He didn't listen to me and bought one with some Best Buy points he had saved up. That year we hosted Thanksgiving and we tested the ice cream maker with some pumpkin pie ice cream. It was delicious.

I've made several kinds since: vanilla, almond, raspberry white chocolate, tiramisu, bacon - all of which have been good. {The tiramisu was not as good... but I have improvement ideas.}

The month of May contains two significant family celebrations: my Dad's birthday and Mother's Day. So for May's craft of the month I will experiment with different flavors and gift each parent with ice cream on their respective day.

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