Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smartest Moving Idea Ever!!!

Rich asked a bunch of his guy friends if they could come over on Saturday to help move the furniture out of our house and into storage while we look for our next place.

Our initial plan included a rental truck and storage unit. [We already have one storage unit and were going to need to rent a second one for all of our furniture.] The guys would come over Saturday morning, load the truck, drive 20 miles to our storage facility and then unload the truck. It was a great plan.

Until, one of my co-workers suggested an even BETTER plan. PODS!!! Portable On Demand Storage = Genius!!!

Our pod was delivered to our house Saturday morning at about 11:15a. The guys had every single piece of our furniture loaded, reorganized and reconfigured in the 16' pod by 1:30p.

*And I'm talking every piece of furniture! In our pod we fit: 2 couch/love seat sets, 2 large bookcases, 2 small bookcases, 2 queen mattresses, 2 queen box springs, 2 queen bed frames, a large entertainment center, long dresser, bureau, tall glass-doored cabinet, wine fridge, kitchen/bar table, coffee table, end table, two night stands, LARGE gas grill and outdoor fireplace. And that is only listing a portion of the items we were able to pack away!

Yes; we got a later start than we had hoped (we wanted to get started at 9a), but this took so much less time than our original plan. The guys would have had to do the same work, but twice with the unload. And later down the line, they would need to do it all over again, to load up a rental truck and unload in our new house. The way things are - we will still need help. But only to unload the pod once from the driveway of our new house! Using PODS is an absolute brilliant idea and we are beyond glad we did it this way!!

{Two very happy home-sellers}

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

aaaawwww...cute picture! POD - ok, I'll get one. well, next time I need storage anyways.