Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Month

I probably should have mentioned this in my previous post - but because we've sold our home we kind of have a lot of work to do in a limited amount of time, 17 days in fact. As a result, expect blogging to be at a minimum in the upcoming weeks. {I would love to create more posts that I have been, however I feel extremely guilty if I'm not working on one of the projects below.}

Here is our list:
- Find temporary housing in which to reside while we look for our next home; we found a place!! checked off the list 5/11!
- Pack up belongings; Rich has started, I have not... DONE! 5/25. I ended up contributing, finally...
- Coordinate move, furniture, boxes, etc.; Moving truck rented, plan to move all large furniture 5/16; Change in plans, I think we are going to try to get a POD! So glad we did this!
- PO Box vs. Mail Forwarding; Rich is working on this... done! 5/22
- Order Lake Harriet Pizza once a week before we move {Our favorite local pizza place!}; ordered 4/26 (Supreme Pizza), 5/6 (Taco Pizza), 5/11 (Supreme Pizza); 5/23 (Supreme Pizza w/ Jalapenos)
- Order Fresh Wok at least twice before we move {Our favorite Chinese delivery restaurant}; ordered 5/9 (Steamed Chicken & Mixed Veggies), 5/22 same meal as before
- Search & purchase our next house!!~ Viewing trips w/ realtor: 4, Houses Shown: 27 (updated 5/30)

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Anonymous said...

Let me know if and when you need me. I can help! m