Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random encounter in Plymouth

Malin and I went for a walk earlier this afternoon. A block in front of us was a woman in all-black athletic wear (tank top and pants) and a man with light hair and a white top, black pants. Since we had just started our walk, Malin was very eager to catch up to play with these friends.

Per my normal process, I slowed to pass them and held Malin tight. As we went by, the woman asked, "Excuse me? Do you know where to find the nearest Starbucks?" They were headed away from the Starbucks, which is probably a two plus miles away, and toward a Caribou (~3 blocks away and within sight). I told them so and was about to continue on my way when I thought I recognized the woman.

And here was our conversation:
Me: Excuse me, but are you Mary Lou Retton?
Her: MariLu Henner.
Me: Oh. Sorry. Umm... what are you doing here?
Her: I'm in town for a family wedding at the Marriott.
Me: Oh. Well, Caribou serves coffee. Otherwise the Starbucks is a long ways away in the opposite direction.
Wow. I can certainly say you are one person I hadn't expected to run into today.

... silence...

Me: Well, best of luck with your caffeine fix...
Her: Oh, I don't drink coffee. We are going for tea.
Me: Oh. In that case, Caribou has a wonderful Jasmine tea.
[exit stage left]

Okay, I didn't really exit, but I did take off and leave her on her merry way. I happened to stop at the Caribou a few hours later (on a separate mission) and asked if Marilu Henner had been there. The Barista's had no clue who she was (even after I provided an outfit description), but did mention a woman from LA had stopped in and was in town with her husband for a wedding. [And in case you are wondering, she ordered a Chai w/ Soy Milk]


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