Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Neighbors -- so nice!

{first off -- I love our new house. LOVE!!}

I have lived a number of places before this house and I can honestly say I have never had neighbors like our new neighbors. They are sooo nice!! From the moment we walked up to the house they were there to greet us and welcome us to the neighborhood.

One of our neighbors was heading out of town, so she quick came over to meet us and then came over a bit later with a beautiful pink geranium and a letter with their cell phone numbers (in case we needed to get a hold of them over their vacation). So sweet!!

The neighbors on the other side were also over right away and brought us a plate full of chocolate cupcakes that were delicious!! Their daughter and her friend decorated the cakes. Unfortunately I ate the adorable smiley face and firework ones before I thought to take a picture, so you have to use your imagination. They were super cute (and yummy)! {there were seven cupcakes originally on that plate, by the end of the night there were only four. Rich hadn't eaten any, so I wonder where they disappeared to... :) }

Oh!! Both neighbors have dogs. This evening Malin met the dogs on one side of us; all three had a blast running around the backyards. They got along nicely, which is good!!

Yeah -- I think we are going to be happy here.

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