Friday, July 3, 2009

local farmer's market

Every Thursday our new town holds a farmer's market. Check out the amazing bounty I scored at our first trip. It was larger than I expected and had lots of yummy fruits, veggies, sweets, treats, breads, organic face care, soaps, meat, plants... okay, it had a lot of stuff!!

I was so excited to hit up a farmer's market! It worked out great, because we were able to take a break from moving, stop by and enjoy the new town for a little bit. However, I hadn't planned ahead and had zero cash on hand. Thankfully my mom and Rich were there (with $$) and paid my way.

Here's what we bought:

  • Lettuce = $1 {It was a LOT of lettuce (and the least expensive I found... most were $2). I washed the lettuce when I came home and divided it into two gallon ziploc bags. Yum!}
  • Green beans = $3
  • Yellow wax beans = $4
  • Yellow summer squash & zucchini = $2
  • Small kalamata olive ciabatta loaf = $1.75
  • Bacon = $5 ? {I can't remember the exact price, but that sounds about right}
  • Fudge = $5.50
  • Barbecue Sauce = $5
  • Raspberry Jam = $7

Total: $ 33.25

The veggies were inexpensive; it was the non-produce that added up quickly. BUT -- so worth it!!

The jam is AMAZING!! In fact, the guy who was selling it has a farm and mentioned going to pick raspberries in a few weeks. I think I might just have to check that out! {Mom?? Rich?? Any interest?}

BBQ sauce = YUM!! I don't even like barbecue sauce, but this stuff was tasty (and a bit spicy)...

Bacon. Are you kidding me? Going to be soooooo good!!

Fudge? That was a gift for my uncle. He loves fudge and loves maple flavored stuff. This was our last purchase and we had to pool all of our money together (and use the change from my wallet), but we ended up with just the right amount of $$.

I can't wait to go again next week!!

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

aaahhh, my mom and I just went there! LOVE that its so close to us!