Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's like buttah!!

For the last few weeks I have been obsessed with peanut butter, almond butter, walnut butter, etc. I just love it!! I have baked some peanut butter cookies, eaten PB&J sandwiches and to be honest, I sometimes just stick a spoon in the jar and eat it straight up. I like it that much.

I wanted to broaden my PB horizons, so I started reading labels to find the ideal one for me and found a few I like.

All are really tasty, but I also wanted to venture outside of peanut butter and give other nut butters a try. I looked around but just haven't been able to commit to a brand. So instead, I decided to try making my own and it was surprisingly easy.

Homemade Almond Butter

Open bag of almonds, place in food processor. Run food processor for ~10-15 minutes and you should end up w/ smooth almond butter. Easy as that.

{almonds in food processor}

{I used Trader Joe's roasted, unsalted almonds}
{turn on the food processor to chop up the almonds}
{the ground almonds will start to clump up ~7 minutes into the process. Keep the food processor on.}
{if you wait long enough you should end up with this -- a smooth, creamy nut butter!}

{I ate it smeared on bread topped with raspberry jam from the farmer's market}

The homemade butter by itself is rather bland. It is ground nuts, that's it. You may want to enhance the flavor with additions of your choosing, such as honey, Splenda, cinnamon, vanilla extract, nutmeg or salt. There are lots of options.

I like it and will totally make this again. I will probably have to try a few other nut versions, too!!


Anonymous said...

I need to try my sample of the almond butter I received!!!! Thank you, Nicole!

Kristen said...

I've been meaning to try this for awhile! I just got a food processor and have been pesto-ing like crazy.

Nicole said...

Kristen - the almond butter is super easy to make!! I checked out your site and your food processor adventures look so yummy! I think pesto is in my future. :)