Saturday, July 25, 2009

E+D's house: nearly wordless

{Rich + Eric: Kitchen}
{Rich attempting the Mensa test - aka: turning on the shower}
{Mom, Eric, Rich in the basement}
{Blast from the past: awesome retro oven}
{post-tour: me + Rich}

Eric and Dominika - what a lovey home!! Congratulations - we are truly thrilled for you both! May this home be filled with happiness, laughter and good times for many years to come. {Plus, how cool is it that you are so close to us!}


Anonymous said...

They will say "Dziekuje!" I love their home too. I know they will be very happy there. m

Dominika Kryjak said...

Nicole, dziekuje (exactly!) for your sweet post about the house... Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to live there with Eric... soon, really soon! papa

Nicole said...

I stopped at your house on my way to work today. You two are so close to us.
BTW - do you like chili? I know Eric just made some. But you should start practicing your recipe! I think we are hosting a Chili cook-off on November 21st!!

Dominika Kryjak said...

I do like chili, especially when Eric makes some ;) Yep, we will be cooking a lot! Pierogi! ;) Can't wait! And I'm so glad we all live near each other!!!