Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was once again wonderful. Rich hung out with some friends Friday night, and I hung out with the dog. While Malin and I were on a walk we saw this. I wasn't able to get my camera out very fast, but...
{...that is a water skier on the back of a boat. On April 2nd. Craziness.}
{Malin, leading the way}
Saturday morning we woke up, packed up and headed to Wisconsin to visit Rich's family. We met up with Rich's parents, sister Tina and brother-in-law Paul at Tina and Paul's house. We also introduced Malin to his dog-cousin Cosmo. They were fast friends and chased each other around the yard for a while before the humans left for lunch at a pizza buffet. Yum!

After lunch we went back to Tina and Paul's, picked up Malin and did some shopping before heading to the farm. We unloaded, let Malin loose and enjoyed the warm (but windy) weather for a while before heading to the local watering hole.
{we played dice}{enjoyed a local brew or two and racked up the drink tickets}

After a while, I left with Patti to get some rest while Rich and his dad practiced their pool game.

Sunday we enjoyed a lazy morning before heading to brunch with the family. I neglected to take pictures though, which is a shame. We followed up brunch with another trip to Huron. The boys, Rich and his dad vs the son-in-laws, played their annual pool tournament [the son-in-laws won the title this year] while the ladies chatted.

Once it started getting late and we started getting hungry, the crew headed back to Rich's parents' house for a lovely dinner.


After supper, Rich and his dad took on the son-in-laws for two more rounds of pool at the house. This time with money on the line the son + father team came out victorious x2!! Hmm... makes you wonder if they threw the title series?! :) Too soon it was dark, time to pack up and start heading home.

Always too short, it certainly was another wonderful weekend spent with family.


Dominika Kryjak said...

Good for you guys!!! It sounds like you did have wonderful time there!

Mom said...

Glad we got a good blog this time. It was fun to see Rich's family too. I hope they are all well. I laughed when I saw the back of Malin's head because I saw that angle myself when I walked with him. He was such a good walker. Remember when he wasn't? Also there must be a new boxer in my neighborhood because he walked by twice this weekend. He is a five month old brindle(?). He is very nice looking. His human said to me, he might jump on you and I thought, brother, you haven't seen anything yet. He sure was cute, albeit not as cute as Malin!!! Mom

Mom said...

PS I am thisty now!!