Monday, April 19, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Whew! What a great weekend! It was fast (aren't they all?!), but really wonderful. It sure didn't hurt that the weather was absolutely outstanding!!

We started the weekend off on the right foot with friends and the Twins vs. Royals game at the brand new Target Field. Such a cool night [literally and figuratively]!
{our seats}
{scoreboard} {our view} {Hrbek's} {batter up}
{Minnie & Paul}

Saturday morning we woke up and started about our day. Twenty minutes later, Malin's face looked like this.
{poor swollen puppy}
A dose of Benadryl later, he was on the mend. And after a few hours of surveillance, Rich and I left to check out a newly opened restaurant in the neighborhood.
{five guys burgers and fries}
It was delicious!!! The menu reminded me of In-N-Out burger and the food was really, really tasty.

Here are the perks: bulk peanuts available while you wait in line to order and as you wait for your burger to be prepared and the toppings (excluding cheese and bacon) are F-R-E-E!! I'm talking lettuce, tomatoes, onions, grilled onions, mushrooms, pickles, fresh jalapenos, ketchup, mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce and A1. And you guessed it - everything in bold was added to my burger. Yum.

Did you see the fries?! There are two varieties: Cajun and Regular. They are from fresh-cut potatoes and scrumptious! [Frankly the fries are like the ones from the State Fair and they have malt vinegar on hand, which made for some tasty dipping. BTW - the fry portion is huge, we could have done with one order, but I insisted on getting the Cajun too. While they were good, next time I'd stick with the Regular and douse them in malt vinegar followed by ketchup.]

After our yummy lunch, Rich did yard work while I put on a sundress, grabbed a few magazines and caught some rays on the deck.
{sun city}
Post-sun [and sufficiently feeling like a bum], I changed clothes and helped in the yard for a few minutes before transitioning to indoor housework. Our evening came to a close reclined in our Adirondack chairs, me with wine, Rich with beer and Malin lapping up water. Lovely.
{our family, including a cured dog}

Sunday was equally splendid, but not as eventful. We slowly woke up, no impromptu hives this time, reviewed the paper. I ran some errands, came home, painted my toenails and then left on more errands. I came home again to Rich making his famous charcoal chicken.
{the chef and his grill}
Our friends stopped by to pick up a crate we used when Malin was just a pup [they bring home their own puppy this Saturday!]. We chatted about summer plans and dog play dates while snacking on pretzels and dip. Before long it was 9:30p, our friends departed and it was time to clean up, get ready for work and head to bed. Another delightful weekend come and gone.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

busy weekend! Your lil' family of mom, dad + malin is adorable!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum. Thanks for reviewing 5 guys. I drive by it all the time when in the Southdale area and was wondering if it was any good! I had heard good things, so good to know it's legit! I am a sucker for good french fries! Mmm...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. So happy that we are geting awesome weather here. This is probably the nicest spring I can ever remember having!!

Mom said...

Good thing you have this blog because I wouldn't have known any of this! Thanks for keeping me in the loop! Five Guys looks wonderful. Maybe I will have to try it the next time I am at Costco. Mom

Cassie said...

I'm glad your pup is doing better!