Saturday, June 6, 2009

I know what I want to do this summer

It is only June 6th, but I already feel like summer is slipping away. There is so much I want to do between now and September. Both Rich and I agree we want to soak up as much summer as we can. So, in order to make sure we remember everything, I created a list. Plus, I figure this way we'll be more likely to cross things off.

- Find a house, ideally within the month of June {Completed. Our first showing in May, second showing in June. Offer made: 6/8. Offer negotiated and accepted: 6/10. House ours: 7/1}
- See a Twins game at the Metrodome (it's the last season at the Dome!!) {FAIL! Didn't get to this one even though the Twins gave us extra games!! I was at the dome the day of a Twins game (10/4) and looked at the field and stands, but that doesn't count.}
- Go to a Saints game {Completed: 7/11/09}
- Walk through the Sculpture Garden {Completed: 10/5/09}
- Get dinner and drinks on a restaurant patio, just me and Rich {Completed: 7/10/09 - okay, not really on a patio, but that was our goal and it was a nice dinner. Thanks Rich!}
- See a play at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater {Completed: we saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on 6/19/09}
- Play tennis w/ Rich once [from Couple's Resolutions] {FAIL! We didn't get to this either... boo.}
- Go to Chicago [this one feels like a cheat since we are already going, but I'm still including it] {Completed: We were in Chicago for the Twins/Cubs series 6/11-6/15}
- Go to one outdoor Happy Hour a month {June: 6/4/09 Herkimer, July: FAIL!, August: 8/13/09 The Lookout, September: 9/22/09, J. Cousineau's}
- Drink at least one Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives {Completed: 8/20/09 + 9/29/09} - Go to the Mpls or Maple Grove Farmer's Market once per month {June: 6/15/09, July: 7/2/09, August: 8/6/09, September: 9/17/09}
- Go to the St. Paul's Farmer's Market once {FAIL! Didn't even get to the Mpls one either... shoot.}
- Walk to see a movie at the theater by our apartment {Completed: 6/7/09, saw The Hangover}
- Take a day-trip to Stillwater {Completed: 8/8/09}
[As we accomplish these items, I will update the post with details.]
{Recap: 11 of 14 accomplished. Not terrible!}

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