Saturday, June 27, 2009

Krystle's Bachelorette

Krystle's bachelorette was last Saturday and it was seriously so much fun!! She gave us a clear idea of what she wanted: Hotel, Shower, Dinner, Shout House. So all we had to do was pick some places.

We started the day at Graves 601. This is the first 5-star hotel in Minneapolis and it is GORGEOUS!! Heidi (Krystle's friend from high school [and now my friend] and fellow bridesmaid) went early, checked into the hotel and decorated the room. Heidi had picked up some streamers and balloons in Krystle's wedding colors (black, white and fuchsia). We strung them up around the room and then opened a bottle of champagne to start celebrating! :)

{Heidi & me}

Shortly after we finished decorating, Krystle and Kristina (Krystle's Sister and MOH) arrived. We poured another glass of champagne and finished setting up the food table. We also took a few pictures with Krystle and her attendants, since we didn't do that at her family shower.


{champagne chilling}

...and then the party started!! Guests arrived, we filled glasses ate some snacks and then filled glasses again. Krystle opened her gifts, we filled more glasses, broke the piñata, loaded our purses with goodies and then headed to dinner.

{elevator ride leaving the hotel}

We went to FireLake and had a private room for her party. It was great because Krystle was able to keep all of her "Bride-at-a-Bachelorette-Party" paraphernalia on and not feel out of place. Also, we made a custom menu for her celebration. Krystle is HUGE on the details (in a SUPER good way), so I knew if we did a menu in her wedding colors she would think it was so cool!! They had a menu at each place setting and it was *A*W*E*S*O*M*E!! The food & drink? Equally wonderful!! We dined on appetizers, salad, entrees, wine and cocktails and then didn't have room for dessert. It was a bummer too, because I had totally wanted to try the Peach Rhubarb Brown Betty (w/ buttermilk gelato).

{Krystle, FireLake & her menu}

{Krystle's Last Single Supper}

{money maker}

Then we were on to the next place: The Shout House!! We had VIP reservations and were seated front and center to the stage!! Our tables were decorated and soon after we arrived our waiter brought out champagne and started pouring.

{ the bride!}

We spent the rest our night here -- we danced and sang, Krystle went on stage a number of times, we laughed, drank and had a great time!! We were the very last people to leave the bar and we headed back to the hotel where we opened another bottle of champagne, ate a few more snacks, chatted, laughed some more and then crawled into bed.

{on stage}


{love, laughter and a happy ever after!}


{we closed it down!}

We woke up Sunday morning and lazed around for a few hours before heading to breakfast. After a quick refueling we parted ways to celebrate Father's Day with our families.

SUCH a fun night!!

{me & Krystle}

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

ooohhh....I love graves!

The whole party looks like a blast, you are such a great friend!!