Friday, June 26, 2009

Craft # 6 - Pull Piñata

Saturday was Krystle's Bachelorette party and it was *SUCH* a fun time!!

I had a wedding cake piñata I wanted to integrate into the festivities. I knew exactly what I wanted to use to fill it with, I just needed to figure out the execution.

Our plan was to break the piñata during her Shower, which was held in a hotel room. Since we are not aggressive movie/music stars, I couldn't really envision us breaking the piñata, blind-folded with a bat inside the hotel room so I needed to make the piñata indoor friendly.

That's when I found instructions to make a "Pull Piñata." The website is really detailed, so head there if you want a thorough explanation. Below is my brief instructions and then some pictures.

I cut a hole in the bottom of the piñata and then securely attached a ribbon to the trap door. I affixed the ribbon to a small piece of cardboard and thread it through, knotting it. I then stapled that extra cardboard piece to the trap door.
Next I combined the fun treats and prizes before putting them in the pinata. The goodies consisted of Ring Pops, candy watches, Hot Tamales, Barbie chocolate coins, Pop Rocks, little plastic toys (similar to what Perkins used to give out for free when I was a kid) and mini liquor bottles.
Once the piñata was filled, I taped a bunch of other ribbon pieces (to disguise the one leading to the trap door). I had left the ribbons SUPER long, so I could tie some additional prizes to them. I glued white tissue paper squares to the bottom of the cake (again, to hide the trap door).Before we headed out to dinner, I held the piñata up and had the ladies start pulling the ribbons off the piñata. The glued tissue paper came off in one big sheet almost right away, which was kind of distracting and lead people to think the piñata had opened up. But eventually someone got the trap door open. I ended up needing to help the treats fall out on to the floor; I should have cut a larger trap door.

All in all, I thought the piñata was a success!! The girls seemed to like the treats and booze and the ones with children at home graciously scooped up most of the plastic toys. I was pretty excited.
*Plus, I felt really awesome for having an alternative plan to "break" the piñata!! {The presence of a piñata raised a few of questions as the ladies entered the room...}

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