Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - Couple Resolutions

I thought it would be fun if my husband and I put together Couple Resolutions for 2009. Here's what we have so far. I'll add more as we come up with them.

1. Eat dinner at a table once a week
Once we got our table, we were able to do this daily. Thank goodness! I love eating dinnner together at a table.
2. Go on a date night once a month
January -
February - Dinner at Crave
March - Bar Hopping during days 1 & 2 of the NCAA Tournament
April -
May - Sushi at Mt. Fugi in Maple Grove (after looking at houses)
June - Movie at theater by our apartment + Chanhassen Dinner Theater
August -
October - a few J. Cousineau visits
November -
December -
3. Play tennis together
Fail - Yeah. Didn't get to this one. It's still on my "bucket" list though.
4. Make or try a new ethnic food 6 times
Golabki - Polish (August)
Marinara Sauce - Italian (first time from scratch, August)
Fried Rice w/ Seafood-Chinese? (November)
Gingerbread Cake- Polish (December)
*Here are a few more I could include, but they are more of a stretch
- Pita Bread - Greek (December)
- Pizza - Italian (July)
5. Do one volunteer activity together
Fail - isn't this awful? We did donate money to a few things... but that wasn't quite my goal.
6. Take guitar lessons
Fail - We moved the guitars a few times throughout the year. That's more than we'd done previously. Drats!

As we complete our list, I'll update this post with the details.

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