Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 - The Year of Crafts

I have finally decided on my New Year's Resolution: become craftier in 2009. My immediate goal is to complete one craft per month. However, my secondary goal is to work on crafts that are new to me, too.

Here are just a few of the projects I want to complete in 2009:
- The scarf for my husband
- A pair of felted slippers that my mom has been wanting for the last four years.
(I made a pair and LOVE them!! Apparently so did she.)
- These super adorable little baby cupcakes -- completed 2/6/09
- Bake cookies and frost them using piping and flooding techniques -- completed 1/25/09
- Beaded Silverware, specifically an olive fork or cheese spreader -- didn't do it, but my aunt did gift me with a tiny set for hosting Christmas!!

As with the Couple Resolutions, I will provide status updates throughout the year.

January - Sugar cookies frosted w/ pipe & flood technique (1/25/09)
February - Baby Cupcakes (2/6/09)
March - Envelopes and Cards (3/25 & 28/09)
April - Candy Sushi (4/4/09)
May - Ice Cream (made throughout the month, last batch churned 5/31/09)
June - Pull piƱata (6/18/09)
July - Baked my first loaf of yeast bread (9/6/09)
August - Sewed U of MN bean bags for Rich's corn hole game (9/7/09)
September - Canned my first thing ever: Tomato sauce (9/20/09)
October - Baked and decorated my first cake, from scratch (10/22/09)
November - Home-made cranberry jam, gifted for Christmas (11/09 & 12/3/09)
December - Made Candy: complete with candy thermometer, for the first time ever. In all I made 5 batches of homemade caramels, 3 were unique recipes. These were also gifted for Christmas (several times throughout 12/09) + Potato stamped dish towels, yeah... another Christmas gift (12/12/09)

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