Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day in the Life...

I read a handful of health food blogs. Blogs where the bloggers write and photograph everything they eat throughout the course of a day. Every single thing. This lends to about three posts per day. Today, I am going to emulate those "food bloggers." Why? Because it's something to do... :)
Okay... so here goes. Today is a cold, soggy October day. Sooo glad I'm working from home! Bright side of the day: the view from our bedroom shows we are in the midst of Fall, even if we did get snow last week. Through the rain you can still see the beautiful colors of the trees. Lovely.
Another positive spin about working from home: this guy. Just look at him. I get to spend the whole day with our little Malin. Doesn't he look happy about that? Okay... rhetorical question. With me home, that means he has full reign of the house. He doesn't really take advantage of that though, since he usually just follows me around and as I work, he sleeps next to me.
To start of my morning I was thinking about breakfast. Something warm sounded like a good choice so I went with the logical option: oatmeal!!! I made the same creamy version as before, the differences being I used multi-grain cereal and instead of 1 c. skim milk I used 1/2 c. skim milk + 1/2 c. water. Oh and I omitted the PB in lieu of trail mix from Trader Joe's.
I scooped my oatmeal in to a bowl and topped it with about half of the trail mix package. Creamy oatmeal + crunch from the nuts + sweetness from the dried cranberries was definitely a yummy start to the day. This should keep me full for a while. Next stop, lunch!

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