Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today I ran the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon; my first marathon ever!!! Since June 1st, I have run a little over 400 miles (405. 76 miles, to be exact) to train for this race. Initially my goal was just to finish all 26.2 miles in the allotted time. As I got further into training and analyzed my pace, my stretch goal was to finish in 5 hours or less.

Here are the pictures -
{me in the morning = nervous; affixing the time chip to my shoe}
{official time chip}
{the leaders, mile 6} {me, mile 6. So excited because it's the first time I saw my personal photographer, Rich!!} {Steve Kalina running with a 55 lb backpack and both an American and POW flag. He was promoting Toys for Tots. I graduated high school with him, and watched him pass me by.}
{me, mile 17? This time my mom, brother and his fiancee are there with Rich cheering too!} {me, mile 21.5!! Prior to today, I had never run this far before in my LIFE!!}{huge American flag visible as runners approach the state capitol and mile 26) {me, running by my cheerleaders one last time! Approaching mile 26.} {me, crossing the finish line. The race clock read 4:59:58, however my race time on the website is 4:59:23!
*my official chip time was 4:53:18!!!} {me and my finisher's medal!} {me & my photographer. Love him!} {me and my other cheerleaders: my mom, brother and Dominika (his fiancee)} {me and my brother. He ran the 10 mile race!!} {post run treat: chocolate hazelnut cupcake from Cupcake}

I had such amazing cheerleaders on the course!!! Rich was the first person I saw at mile 6. Shortly after him were three of my friends from college; they had made an ENORMOUS banner! Half a mile later my friend Janelle was out cheering me on!! Rich hit up mile 8.5, but we missed each other at that one; I guess my mom, Eric and Dominika were around mile 11, but I missed them too. My Uncle Russ and Aunt Sue were right after the halfway point, which was a fun surprise! My friends Alicia and Beth were shortly after that. I get fuzzy with the exact mile markers for these next ones, our neighbors were around mile 14, followed by my friends Krystle and Pierce (you may remember Krystle's wedding) close to mile 15, I think. Mile 17 my neighbors were back -- cheering me on through a water station. Rich, my Mom, Eric and Dominika (R,M,E,D) were a little bit after that, still within mile 17. Our fabulous neighbors were back again at mile 21. R,M,E,D weren't long after at mile 21.5. My friend Mary was at mile 22; she even hopped on the course for a bit and ran with me. My Aunt Colleen was cheering at mile 25. And R,M,E,D were there waiting at the finish line!!

I seriously had such a wonderful cheer team!! It was so cool to see everyone along the course and really made the miles fly by!! I know Rich worked really hard to try to tell people where I was and I really appreciate it!! Thanks cheer team!!!


Anonymous said...

It was awesome, babe! We are so happy we could be there for you to support you for this fabulous goal. Your dedication to train and achieve your goal is inspiring! I am so very proud of you! Love you...m

Tricia said...

Looks like you had a BLAST. Congrats!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Nicole, I am teary-eyed reading your post. So truly excited for you! Can you believe it, YOU RAN A MARATHON! Holy cannoli, YOU RAN A MARATHON!!!!! I hope the feeling of energy, excitement, accomplishment & achievement never diminishes. Congratulations for being a role model to all of us!