Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I like him.

Let me say this - I didn't like Brett Favre as a Packer. It wasn't so much him as a person I didn't like, but the fact he was a Packer. I remember after his last game as a Packer, he shed tears as he left the field (in fact so did some of the packer fans I was watching TV with). Retirement # 1.

Shortly after this was followed by his decision to become unretired. Ultimately Brett played for the Jets. I thought it was weird. I thought he probably should have stayed retired, but he looked good on the field. And much to my chagrin, started the season well and then: Retirement #2.

This year, when rumors started to fly that Brett Favre was coming out of retirement again *and* was considering the Vikings, I thought, "hmm... interesting." But didn't think anything could possibly come to fruition. When Brett confirmed at the end of July that he was going to stay retired and Brad Childress said the option was over, door closed, I was a little bummed, but ready to rally behind our current QB options. In the first preseason game I thought Sage looked good. But Monday morning, rumors started to surface again. It made for an interesting story, but rumors only.

Then Tuesday morning turned into Tuesday afternoon and we had a new Vikings QB, Brett Favre. And you know what? I think I like him. Yes, this was quite the process and roller coaster, but he seems legit. He loves the game, really questioned whether or not his shoulder was in a playable condition and waivered. Then Brad "made one phone call" (a story which I do find suspicious) and *ta-da* we have ourselves a new QB. While I'm not sure that a Super Bowl is in our future, this certainly has added a new spark to the upcoming season.

And can you even wait for October 5th or November 1st? I am ready for some football.

*Rich's family consists of mostly Packer fans (for some reason, Rich is the minority and a Viking fan). My mother-in-law has dedicated their basement to the Packers, complete with wall paintings, art work, clocks, etc. It's great. I would love to hear their feelings about this. Regardless, this should bring some lively conversations at Christmas!!

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