Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hungry + Angry = Hangry

While running errands with Rich today, I casually mentioned that I was getting hungry. We were on stop 2 of 7. We started talking about just picking up something fast for dinner (instead of making the slow-cooked ribs we had previously planned). No dinner decisions were made.

I had to have mentioned my hunger at stops 3-4. At least I'm pretty sure I did. Stop 5 included an incredibly long waiting period. I'm talking somewhere around 30+ minutes of standing around waiting for an available person to answer a question that honestly took no less than 30 seconds.

I was still hungry, but now I'm moving beyond hunger into another phase: anger. Stop 6 - we walk in and I start checking the register area for food. Rich weighs the pros and cons our prospective purchase. I again express how hungry I am. I mention the word "hangry" to Rich. He's not familiar with the expression, but one look at my face and he instantly knows.

Rich decides to purchase the product, goes to the register and is told, "We will need to check inventory for this item to ensure it is in stock. Unfortunately our computer system is very slow." I back up, survey the food options at the register, grab a Hershey bar w/ Almonds, throw it at the lady ringing us up and say, "He doesn't know it yet, but he needs this." She smiles and then... moves it to the side, to be rung up when they find out if the item we want to buy is in stock. She rings up other waiting customers.


After 10 minutes (or hours, who knows at this point), another employee approaches the register. He manually went and checked the inventory (because the computers are so slow). The item is in stock. I grab the candy bar and put it back -- I tell myself I can wait 5 more minutes. The lady rings us up. Asks about the bar. I inform her the bar was needed that very moment. She tells me I could have eaten it and asks if everything is okay. (Poor lady probably thinks I am a diabetic and am experiencing a low like Julie Roberts in Steel Magnolias). I snap back that I am fine.

We take our purchases, load up the car and leave. Rich makes a fast food decision: McDonald's. He drives directly there. Our regularly scheduled stop 7 is abandoned; we can do that another day.

He gets to Mickey D's, places our orders: meal for him, ice cream cone for me and pays. The lady gives us the bag of food and his drink and starts to say goodbye. I (not kidding) reach across his lap, arms extended and yell, "ICE CREAM COOOONNEE!!" She turns around, grabs the cone and gives it to Rich who in turn passes it to me. I take a lick and the hanger was instantly diffused.

{I quickly took a picture; I've already licked the side facing the road}

{one lick and peace was once again restored}


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I totally visualized the story like a movie in my head - HILARIOUS!

I've so been there, poor guys dont even know what's coming towards them.

Mary said...

I get hangry too often. Poor Tyson knows to feed me every 2-3 hours or he gets the brunt of my hanger.

Nicole said...

Mar - I meant to add to this post: they sell twist cones at the Weaver Lake Rd. Mc Donald's!!! I thought you would like to know.

Mary said...

Woohoo!!! Good to know :) That makes for 2 McD's within a 5 mile radius!