Saturday, January 16, 2010

Giada is at Target!

I am a Food Network fan. If I have control of the remote, we are most likely watching Food Network.

My all-time favorite Food Network star is Giada De Laurentiis. She is adorable, makes simple, yet tasty recipes and is adorable! Oh yeah. I mentioned that already. A few years ago Rich bought me one of her cookbooks for Christmas. I read the cookbook like a novel. Loved it. (By the way, her crab and ricotta stuffed cannelloni is wonderful!!)

Anyhow, I guess she has a new line of products available at Target. One of which is a similar to something she uses frequently on her show. A tool I've been coveting for some time now.
It's a stainless steel, "Scoop and Strain" Colander. It's $14.99. And I think I need it. Though I really want the one exactly like she uses on her show... so this might not cut it. Nonetheless, it's worth a stop at Target.
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Jenny.Lee said...

This is too cool! I love Giada!