Sunday, January 24, 2010


What a huge bummer that the Vikings lost! I can't help but dwell on the outcome of the game. It's possible I'm upset that the game concluded an otherwise SUPER fun weekend... or just that I'm bummed the Vikes aren't going to get to play in the Super Bowl.

Gosh, with less than a minute left to go in regulation I started daydreaming about this year's Super Bowl party. There were talks of sleepovers, drinks and eats. I even snapped an excited "oh-my-gosh-we-will-win-this" photo!

Humph. The urgency to send our Evite quickly fizzled. We'll still host a party, and it will be fun, though could have been more fun watching our Vikings!

Man-oh-man, it sure was a great season though!
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